Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Random Goings-on

Semester tests have begun. Ugh. Even though I have a third as many as normal people. So... we had our orchestra one, which took most of the period (and it Was a LONG period- like 90 minutes, almost) and was good, as music exams go. The choir period exam took about 15 minuets to complete. FIFTEEN, out of NINETY. Poor planning on either the part of the teacher or whoever set the exam schedule.

I am reading this book.
It's REALLY GOOD. This author has written a few books before, (look here for my review) which I liked, but it was definitely not in the class of meaningful, thought provoking books. This one is almost there, so close. It is thought-provoking, but without that, meaningful, sad sorta feeling you get from really thought provoking books, like this one:This is an excellent book that is EXTREMELY thought-provoking, complete with that sad, meaningful feeling. Here is a review that is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY what I would want to say of I wanted to take the time to write it out myself. Except for the lesbo part.

Where was I with the other book? Never mind... I said pretty much all I wanted to say.

I will probably come back and add the rest of the random goings-on later; I can't remember them right now.



  1. Except for the lesbo part.

    You're cracking me up. Ender's Game is a good book. I have an autographed copy. Yes, I have met OSC, that is my claim to fame. My only claim.

  2. What, was that funny? Cuz for once I wasn't trying to be funny. Go figure.

    And it is not your only claim, but that is a very cool book to have autographed.

  3. You're right. What is the point of blogging if no one comments! This post made me smile. Especially the sad, meaningful part. ;) That is a really good book,btw.


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