Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I still don't know what to blog about.

Math sucks. I hate math. End of story.

Last year my friends and I had a joke about the suckishness of math. One girl is partially insane and actually likes math. She's crazy. So me and my other friend said that as soon as somebody invented a time machine we were gonna go back in time and strangle the guy who invented math. His name was Norman. He looked like this:

And we were going to strangle him, and then there would be no math. Yep, that's how it's gonna be, as soon as somebody invents a time machine.

What else can I blog about?
I'm rereading the HP books for the 11th time. I kid you not. ELEVEN times (actually, ten, but it will become eleven soon)! See, I was watching the 4th and 5th movies, (which I wasn't allowed to see before I was 13) and so I just kept thinking how much better the books are, so I decided I need to reread them.

Facebook is VERY addicting. Like, Holy-Cow-My-Butt-Has-Been-Superglued-To-The-Chair kinda addicting.


Is a good book. (BTW, I don't think you can click to Look Inside- I just took the picture off of Amazon so that was part of the picture)

Lookit all the origami Thelly did!

Why is it the 10 year old boys love origami? Mom and Thelly went to an origami workshop at the library, and, like, everyone who was there was a 10 year old boy. I actually liked origami when I was 10, but I act like a boy with some frequency (lookit here), so maybe that's not to surprising.

And now I can't think of anything to say.



  1. I guess I'll comment, even though if you had your way I wouldn't be able to because there wouldn't be any computers without MATH!!!!!

  2. My daughter hates math even though she's very good at it, which is interesting.

    And FB is very addicting. As is Harry Potter. I love those books.

  3. facinating. i wish i really could kill norman. although, i must admit that no matter how utterly suckish math is, it can be useful in some situations. (i hate those situations)

  4. Sorry, McG, but whoever invents the time machine is going to have to use math to do it. Sigh.


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