Monday, January 4, 2010

All the interesting stuff since Christmas

First of all, I played my cello at our family Christmas party. Everybody went ON and ON about how good I did, but it's not like I did all that great. I was pretty proud of myself, though, 'cuz I'd only learned those songs like, 3 days before, and they were WAAAAAAAY harder than any songs I'd done before that.

Guess what I got for Christmas the next day. Guess!


I was SOOOOOOO happy! (except I actually knew I was getting it, 'cuz my mom had the Mia Maids help her wrap stuff and the Mia Maids leader has a daughter who is one of my best friends)
And I clothes and Taylor Swift CD's and Cute Shoes and Tim Tams in my stocking. =) And Star Wars books. And some other stuff that I can't think of right now (yes, I know I'm an ungrateful child).

And all us kids got Nerf Guns! We shoot each other ALL. DAY. LONG.

And then I got asked to speak in church AGAIN! the day before my birthday!
What kind present is that? And of course, everybody said it was great. I think if I stood up there and talked about Star Wars for 5 mins. everybody would STILL say it was great.

Then I had my Birthday. After 13 years, I am FINALLY allowed to see PG-13 movies!! HALLE-FREAKING-LUJAH!! So I took some friends to see Avatar, which was excellent! Except we saw it in 3-D and we were sitting real close to the screen, and one of my friends got motion sick and THREW UP IN THE THEATRE!!!! I felt SOOO bad for her!
Mom had to take her home, but my other friends stayed and afterwards we went to my house and had Key Lime Pie (cuz it is SOO much better than cake) and ice cream (which didn't go with the pie at all). And I got Cute Jewelry and 10 bucks and music books and the Harry Potter 4 movie, which I had previously not been allowed to watch.

And then we had New Years. ALL my dad's family came to town- INCLUDING the ones who haven't come to ANYTHING for like 3 YEARS! We had a HUGE confetti fight- I mean HUGE!!!


And these don't show the FLOOR! Some of the littler kids were literally SWIMMING in all teh confetti!

It was sheer awesomeness.

And then EVERY. SINGLE. FREAKING. KID. -like, all 30 of us- came and slept at OUR HOUSE.

AT MY MOM'S REQUEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously considered writing her an official certificate of insanity.

She said it was a dream of hers.

::eye roll::
But it actually turned out pretty well, and everybody at a lot of fun. It was a good start to the new year.

Then we had family pictures. Every got dressed up all pretty, and we got into QUEENS-HEAD (for those who don't know what that signifies, queens-head is the neighborhood where people spend a million dollars on the most BEAUTIFUL landscaping you have ever SEEN) to take the pictures. And then after I got that totally Beautiful profile pic.

And then all the relatives went home. BOOO!

And then I spent the rest of the week fattening myself.

and then this morning I got up at 6- freaking-30, after sleeping till 10 for the past 2 WEEKS!

And it wasn't even hard. How weird is THAT?
And my friend, the same one that barfed at the movies, she forgot her locker combo! It was pretty funny. Poor Jess, though....

And then I came home and started working on a BIIIIG research project that is eventually going to become my cousin's B-day/Christmas present.... depending on how soon I finish it.

So now you know what I've been up to.

P.S. This is a really funny conversation that Monkey and I had:

HIM: Lookit, Migillicutty, I'm counting my dollars.
ME: Really? How many dollars do you have?
HIM: I have five dollars.
ME: Is that a lot of dollars?
HIM: That is a LOT of dollars.
ME: Can I have one of your dollars?
ME: Ok, just kidding, I wasn't actually gonna take one of your dollars. I'm not THAT broke.
HIM: Good, cuz I don't want you to take any of my dollars.
ME: You are a goofball.


  1. I once threw up key lime pie and haven't been able to look at the stuff since.

    I also came back to school after Christmas break once and had forgotten my locker combination. Glad to know I'm not the only one!

  2. hey! i saw you commented on my blog a really long time ago! I havent been on much lately.... Thanks!! Cute blog background, i love it!

  3. Catherine- I am like that w/ tamale pie, the cornbread was raw and it made me puke (ask my mom if you don't know what that is). Now the only time I can eat it is when it's smothered in sour cream. But Key Lime Pie is AWESOMENESS!

    Mimi- Thanks for the compliment! You can find more backgrounds like this one by clicking on the words in the upper left corner.

  4. I had no idea you were only 13! No idea! Which only makes your awesomeness that much more impressive.

    I'm glad you had such a fun/eventful Christmas/birthday. Except for that theater barfing bit. Poor Jess!

  5. I know, right? I felt so bad for her!

    Question: what does everybody on here think I am so OLD?

    But I am glad that you think I am awesome. =)


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