Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why I Am Not A Normal Girl--or-- Reasons My Mom Says My Husband Will Love Me

(btw, I got this idea from Motherboard, but I'm giving her credit for it so she can't say I stole her idea (she has a copyright, you know...))

*My favorite genre is science fiction (but you already knew that, right?)

*My 2nd favorite genre is fantasy/action/adventure with huge (really HUGE), bloody battles.

*My 3rd favorite genre is murder mysteries.

*My favorite video games (not including Lego Star Wars) are RockBand and Ravin' Rabbids.

*I love Mythbusters, and my favorite episodes are the ones where they blow stuff up.

*I prefer to spend my money on Smithonian and National Geographic magazines rather than Banana Rebublic/Hollister/Areo-Postale outfits.

*I spend most of my time on the internet either blogging (or reading other blogs) or reading the Star Wars databank.

*I play Star Wars board games w/ my brothers. (you know the game Chewie and R-2 are playing in Episode 4 (when C-3PO says "let the Wookie win")? I play that with my brothers)

*I don't like to decorate all that much. More or less all the decorations in my room are Star Wars posters. That's it.

*I very rarely wear jewelry. Like every other Sunday kinda rarely.

*I love playing soccer.

And for the Grand Finale.......

*I don't like Twilight.

(hear that? that's the sound of my friend never speaking to me again.)


  1. You are awesome.

    Have you ever read the Mistborn series by what's his name...Brandon Sanderson (he's LDS), I think? It's a fantasy trilogy--Mistborn, Well of Ascension, Hero of Ages. There are plenty of bloody battles. And no vampires or dopey teenagers.

  2. You forgot the most important reason that your husband will love you. You can bake bread!!!!!

  3. You husband will love you anyway. Promise. Mine does and my idea of a perfect afternoon is one spent with my nail gun and my circular saw.

  4. Baking bread is a Molly Mormon housewife-y kinda thing, so it wouldn't really fit in this post, if ya know what I mean ;)


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