Saturday, November 7, 2009

This actually happened.

A for reals conversation between me and Thelly:

(He is rattling of the stuff he wants for Christmas (every other thing for boys in the Christmas catalog))

Thelly: "...and I want this board game and this race car and this ping-pong ball popper gun...."
Me: "What would you do with a ping-pong ball popper gun?"
Thelly: "Uh...."
(He looks for that page in the catalog so he can read the description.)
Thelly: "Lookit, it has a spring and so you just push this button and then the ping-pong balls shoot out super fast!"
Me: "I didn't ask what it does, I asked what you would do with it.
Thelly: "I would get one for Scaffy too and then we could shoot at each other with them.
Me: "Wouldn't it kinda hurt to get hit with a ping-pong ball going super fast?"
Thelly: " could miss."

Why don't you just throw air at each other? Then you would certainly miss!

And a for reals conversation between Thelly and Scaffy:

(Thelly is looking at a picture of an aquarium.)

Thelly: "Scaffy, what is that fish called?"
Scaffy: "I dunno."
Thelly: "No, really, what is that fish called?"
Scaffy: "I just told you, I do not know!"
Thelly: I know you don't know, but I just want you to tell me what that fish is called!"
Scaffy: How am I supposed to tell you something that I Do Not Know!?!
Thelly: Um....I dunno......

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  1. Your brothers are awesome. And so is your mom for not just immediately throwing away the Christmas catalog like I do.


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