Monday, July 12, 2010

Recent happenings

The tyranny of math homework marches on... it totally sucks. But I'm at lesson 109 out of 120, so I'm almost done :)

Swim team and aerobics class go on too... swimming counts for aerobics, though, so that makes things much easier.

I'm trying to improve my artistry skillz (I love to draw but I'm not very good) by tracing and cross-referencing stuff from online. It's not going so great... but it's going.

We got the Lego Harry Potter Wii game on the day it came out, and it's been so much fun! All the Lego video games are lotsa fun (and we have most of them- Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones 1 and 2...) and that it's Harry Potter just makes it that much awesomer.

I ordered both Hunger games books (well actually, I think Mom did) and srsly I cant wait for them to get here! Jessica's never read them and I told her about it awhile about her so she's been dying to read it.

I'm going to re-read them first though. ;)


I cleaned my room on Saturday. I should do that more often, you know, I really like it when my room is clean and I can walk around without hurting my foot AND find my stuff. It's not particularly hard (except when it's really messy) but I just..... don't. I dunno why.

Actually, we cleaned the whole house (scoured it within an inch of it's life!) on Saturday. The boys wanted to go see 'Despicable Me' (which I thought looked pretty stupid but the boys really liked, of course) REEEEEEELY bad, and so Mom said they could if they cleaned the house for her. They picked up and wiped off and dusted and vacuumed for FOUR HOURS!!! Well, Thelly probably only cleaned for two and spent the other two tell in everyone 5000 times: 'I just don't really feel like cleaning up right now, and the reason why is because.... I just don't, so that is the reason why I don't really feel like cleaning right now, Mom, that is the reason why I don't feel like cleaning up right now, because I just don't, so that is why I don't feel like cleaning up, Mom.'

He ran that whole spiel for an hour, and then he screamed it for another one. Good times....

You know, I love summer, but this one is not as good as last one (with the sole exception that I absolutely LOVE hanging out with Jessica and Kira and Loren).

What about your summer?


  1. #1 I know you're homeschooled, but why do you have to do school in the summer?

    #2 I'm on a swim team. I'm only average though.

    #3I love Lego Star Wars Complete Summer!

    #4 The Hunger Games books rock!

    #5 I like despicable me........

    #6My summer rocks!


  2. Love Hunger Games. A friend of mine told me that she pictures me when she pictures Katniss. I thought that was one of the nicest things anyone had ever said to me.

  3. 1: I have school in the summer cuz I didn't finish all my required stuff during the school year.

    2: I'm not so great at swim team, except for on the back stroke- I can windmill like there's no tomorrow.

    3:Me too. I have that game 99.6% complete, no lie!

    4: Yep :)

    5: if too many more people tell me they like it I might start to regret not seeing it....

    6: Lucky you...

    Allison- that is a very nice thing.... :)

  4. Backstroke was always my best stroke. Maybe you got SOMETHING from me after all!

  5. Impossible. I don't think we're actually related. ;)

  6. OH my GOSH i said Complete Summer instead of Complete Saga! oops....
    oh well.
    We've had that game FOREVER but we're only forty something complete.

  7. Hee hee... it's ok I got it.

    We've had it for a year and... almost 8 months now (got it for Christmas last year- no, 2 years ago technically) so yeah... and I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am except I found this AWESOME website:

    It's a reeeeeeeelly long page though, so if you have a 'control f' button, that would be helpful. :)


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