Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey look.... It's July.


I don't have much to report. Well, that's not true. We went to Blanding for a family reunion this weekend (otherwise I would posted on the 30th, just to bring my post count up) and it was fun. But it was so FAR!!!!! Nine-count 'em- 9 hours each way!!!! And we all did it without any portable T.V. player. AND without any throats being ripped out!

But it was a close thing.

The actual visit was fun though. We went to the family reunion (100-odd people, 5 containers of marshmallow salad, and 10 pounds of cheese and potatoes) and that was ok. That was on Friday, and on Saturday we got up and watched the parade (I love small-town parades) and went and swam in the San Juan River and came back and saw a fun (but totally stupid) melodrama, and then went to the park and lit off some little fireworks (Showers of Sparks!) and then watched the big ones in the sky. :)

And the next day we went home.

And then today was the church 5th of July Breakfast, which was AWESOME because they had this HUUUUUUGE water balloon fight after everybody ate, and me and Jessica and this one (cute) guy that always shows up for activities like that (and I keep telling myself I don't like him but then he's always at activities and he's nice and funny and.... yeah. You get it.) had our own personal war-inside-a-war and we all got totally DRENCHED and it was just a lot of fun. :)

And then tonight my Aunt and Uncle and cousins came for more Independence Day celebrating and we mostly just swam in our pool and ate and lit up sparklers, but we also watched half of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (I love that movie) and that was really nice. And now they're gone and I'm going to bed.

Happy 3rd/4th/5th of July!


  1. 9 Hours is too long for what little you did in Blanding. Next time let's just hang out in Draper and you can stay longer.


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