Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snowflake Season Day 5

I kinda cheated on this one. Instead of putting the hole in it when it was all folded up, I put it in after I unfolded it. Does it really make a difference?

I had a choir side last night. All the choirs from my stake came, and the some other choirs They were BAPTISTS there! They were like my every idea of what a baptist choir should be, except they didn't wear those long robes. Other than that, they were perfect! They swayed and clapped when they sang, and there was lots of scooping, and there wasn't a single white person in the choir. And they called god "You". That was weird. And their pastor said the closing prayer- it was so different! Everybody stood up and held each other hands, and the pastor (I wanna call him a bishop, but that's not right) said a buncha stuff that actually sounded pretty good (except that he called God "You") and after every phrase, all the baptist said "yeah, yeah, that's right". And then at the end everybody had to look at their neighbor and say a buncha funny phrases that I couldn't understand 'cuz I was laughing so freaking hard and so was my friend...and...and... and nobody said "Hallelujah!" at the end. I was kinda disappointed about that part. But other than that, it was awesome!

And my choir got a standing ovation. That was pretty cool too.


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