Friday, December 4, 2009

Snowflake Season Day 4

I had to take this photo twice cuz one time it flashed really bright and you couldn't see it. Actually you could see it, cuz this is the one with the flash, I decided it showed up better (is that bad grammar? Probably). But I didn't know that it would when I took the picture, so I took two. Here's the other one:
New Subject:
Hopefully I will finish decorating the house today. My mom is not a big decorator- she does pictures and that's all. So I get to do The Christmas decorating! Here is what the front room looks like right now:I hate this stupid underlined thing!
But I should be getting it cleaned up today.

I hope.


  1. Loving the snowflakes. Looking forward to the day when I can trust my children to decorate for Christmas.

  2. I'd probably let them do it even if I didn't trust them. But it is nice to have one who is old enough and responsible enough to actually see it through!

  3. Thanks, but I haven't seen it through yet.

  4. If you put a space between the picure and your first word after the picture you should avoid the whole underlining thing. If that doesn't work try hitting enter.

    PS I'd ask you to come decorate my house but you already helped with all my decorations (I don't really own any aside from the tree.)

  5. Hat happened to "That one! That one's my favorite!"? ;)

    Thanks for the tip about the pictures, BTW.

  6. I meant 'WHAT' happened to...etc. Sorry 'bout the typo.

  7. hii, very nice blogg :)
    im not good in writing english, but i hope you understand :)
    very nice decorated :)
    in Norway, we dont decorate that mutch as people in america... vere there in september.. my friend have a house there...

    merry christmas


  8. Thanks Pauline! I think it is really weird that you live so far away, but we can still talk to each other. I'm happy that you like my blog. Did you say you came to America in September? I'm sorry you don't decorate that much, but I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  9. I decorated for my mom every year probably since high school. Maybe it runs in the family.


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