Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Because I should be taking a math test.

'Key, I am seriously having a problem with blogging lately. What is wrong with me? It's not like I don't have stuff to blog about, and it's not that I don't have the time, cuz I do, I just have less time than I would like. It's just that I never get around to doing it.
So, I'm blogging today, because I should be taking a math test right now, and I DON'T WANT TO!!!!

so...a post of randomness

*My family's schedule is ridiculous. Seriously, look at this!
Me 4:00-7:00 Baptisms for the dead
Mom 4:45-5;00 Set up for Choir
Thelly and Me 5:00-6:00 Soccer practice
Monkey 6:00-7:00 Soccer practice
Scaffy 6:30-7:300 Choir
Thelly 7:00-8:00 Pack Meeting
Me 7:30 Choir performance

I had one of those choir performances almost every night for two weeks! And there was at least two other things going on all those nights. It was CRAZY!

*I am on a soccer team for the first time in my life. there were only 2 practices before the first game, and I missed one of them. Our team was TERRIBLE! Everyone was afraid to kick the ball. they would either run up to the ball and just stand there, or they would run up to 5 feet away from the ball and then just stand there and watch the other team kick it onto the goal. AARRGGHH! I kicked the ball a LOT, but I ran out of gas after a while, otherwise I think I would've scored.

*I babysat two little toddlers on Saturday night. It was really funny to watch them play with each other, because after every move they would look up at me to see if I was watching them. They were so cute!

* I tried out for the school district honor choir. I didn't make it :( :( :( :( I also tried out for regional choir, which is like the honor choir for ALL OF THE WESTERN STATES, so I think my chances of making that one are about zero.

* I am learning to play the cello. So far I know how to unpack my cello, set it up, hold it, pluck the strings and shorten the strings with my left hand so they make a different sound. And repack the cello, of course. I am taking lessons on the public school beginning orchestra class, and private lessons from my Aunt. Sh eis teaching me how to use the bow, but my orchestra teacher (at school) took it away from me (she took the rest of the classes bows, too) so it wouldn't get broken. When I went in to pick up my cello so I could take to my private lesson with my aunt, I went up to the orchestra teacher and said:
"I'm going to a private lesson, and I need my bow, can you get it for me?"

And she said: "You are not ready for the bow, you haven't even mastered the left hand yet. And she shooed me out the door.

So I sent my mom in to get it, because honestly, that teacher scares the crap out of me and I really didn't want to fight with her.

(At this point I should say that I was within a few minutes of being late for my cello lesson)

So Mom went in to get the cello. normally when we have to pick it up we just go straight to the OT's room, but officially, parents have to sign in at the office. Mom got caught in the hallways and she had to go sign in at the office. And they made her put a name-sticker on and when they found out where she was going they had to call down to the orchestra room, and it took at least 5 min. before she got out of there.
And once she got there, the OT wouldn't give her my bow.

"I'm Migillicutty's mom, she is going to a private lesson today and her teacher wants her to have her bow, can I have it please?"

"No, Migillicutty's not ready for the bow, she doesn't have the left hand mastered yet."

"I know that, but her teacher want her to have her bow; can I have it please?"

"If she starts the bow before she masters the left hand, it's gonna really mess her up."

"Her teacher wants her to have her bow, please give it to me."

"Fine, but it's gonna mess her up...(grumble, grumble, grumble....)"

So then my OT went over and helped some other kids, hoping Mom would go away if she was ignored.
Mom didn't go away, so after like, 5 min. the OT finally went and got the bow.

*I was very late for my private lesson.


  1. I want to punch your OT in the face. It's a good thing I'm not your mom, because I'd be such an embarrassment to you. Also, I'd probably end up in jail for assaulting people. Which wouldn't be your fault at all--no, just the OT's.

    (I am seriously going to need to ask your Mom how she avoided punching the OT in the face. Yeah, I'm angrier lately than I used to be, but I don't know, this OT sounds like a real piece of work.)

  2. But if you went to jail, you wouldn't have to deal with my OT anymore. ;-)

    And you shouldn't feel guilty about punching her in the face, because she is very proud of her "Face-Beater", for kids who look away from their music.

    I don't actually know why I wrote that down.

  3. I think this background is to Easter-y for October.

  4. That is so crazy. Your OT has serious control issues. Glad your mom showed her who's boss!

  5. I say next lesson you are showing her whose boss!


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