Monday, September 14, 2009

Catching Up

I haven't posted in more than a week. I don't like that at all.

But... I have nothing to blog about. Commence random-ness;

*I have been sick for the last month... nothing really awful, just congestion and a minor earache.

* I also hadn't watched Star Wars in almost a month. (insert MANY MANY MANY sad faces here!)

* I watched Star Wars in Saturday night.

* I have been feeling much better since then.

Coincidence? Who knows.

* I put my brothers to bed 2 nights in a row. Yay for me! On the first night when I went in to say a prayer with Thelly, I asked him to say it. He did, but he didn't say Amen at the end. So I was still on my knees, waiting for him to finish the prayer. After a minute or two he came over and poked me.
"Aren't you gonna get up? The prayer's over."
I looked up at him. "You didn't say 'Amen'."
Thelly looked around uncomfortably. "Well.... Mom never notices."
I had a hard time concealing a snort of laughter. "You should say it anyways."
He looked at me, and then looked at the ground, and looked back up at me, and then gave a VERY exasperated sigh. "Amen".

That is probably the first time he has ever willingly done what I told him. Ever. In his entire life. Do you get the magnitude of this event yet?

*I am trying to make my own Star Wars background for this blog, but Mom is on the computer ALL. DAY. LONG. (when she isn't out showing houses (didn't post that she got her Realtors license? sorry)) and when she's not I have to be doing school work. Arrgh!

* I was doing a research project about almonds and peach pits, and peach pits taste like almond extract, so Mom made almond cookies out of them, but Dad went online and it said they were poisonous and he wouldn't let me have any. (which is dumb, because they are only poisonous in very large doses (VERY large) and he doesn't have a problem with her using almond extract, which has the same semi-poisonous stuff in it)

* Mythbusters is awesome.

* Hypothetically speaking, if your dad happened to check out Mythbuster from the library and you happened to make your self a taco with lettuce in it and then you microwave it, the taco will taste VERY VERY VERY horrible! And then if you hypothetically watch Mythbusters a month later, the taste of that awful taco will come back and haunt you all day. Not that I have any first hand experience or anything....

Now you know what's been going on lately.


  1. We love Mythbusters at our house. Love it. I'm sorry that it has hypothetically been tainted for you by hypothetically microwaved lettuce, which is definitely not hypothetically nasty, but actually nasty.

  2. I will never microwave lettuce again. Not that I have historically microwaved lettuce--at least not habitually. But definitely never again. And I don't even know why. I'm just taking your word for it.

    The whole Star Wars/sickness thing is definitely not a coincidence.

    I do get the magnitude of that experience with your brother. I'm still waiting for my kids to do something I tell them to.

  3. I am glad that SOMEONE will take my word for it, 'cuz microwaved lettuce is really nasty (not that I would know, this is all hypothetical after all...) and you should be forwarned. And also because it is a nastyness that is so nasty that you brain will remember it and conjur up the nasty-ness again.

    YOu people make me laugh :)


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