Thursday, October 1, 2009

Holy Cow!

As I type, it is 63° outside! 63!!!!!
I live in Las Vegas, and it is 63°, on the first day of October!!!! That does not happen I Vegas. It doesn't begin to get cold until the end of October, or maybe the middle, it it's a really cold year, but NEVER the first day of October!!!

I love this weather.
What is it about the cold that makes the air seem so clear?
It's so cold! (and BTW, don't tell me that 63° isn't cold. Where I live, 63° is freezing)


  1. I remember when 63 felt cold. It still does when I'm indoors. Stay warm!

  2. Vegas 63 is not the same as normal 63. Vegas 63 = BRRRR!

    That's nice fall weather.


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