Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Holy Freaking CRAP!!!

I haven't posted in soooooooooooooooo long... it's not even funny.

Now.... what to say?

This summer isn't nearly as good as last one, on account of all the homework I've been doing. There's all the algebra, of course, plus Aerobics three times a week and swimming. I'm supposed to be swimming 1/2 an hour FIVE freaking days a week- like that's gonna happen.

Despite this, I've actually had a social life (well, ok, not really, but I have friends, and I talk with them (frequently, even!) so that's a social life, right?) so I've had, like, no time. And the time I do have I've spent devouring these books:

They're pretty good, actually. The typical fantasy stuff that I just can't get enough of, you know, but good (actually I've only read the 1st one, but I've got the other two and I'll start the 2nd tomorrow. :) :)

I'm also hoping to get into audiobooks this summer. Keeps you free to use your hands, ya know? Except.... what do you do with your hands? I could clean my room or something lame like that, but I'm 13, you might as well ask me to fly to Mars instead of clean my room.

Maybe I'll go back to Knifty Knitting. That's fun. But I don't really have enough yarn.... hmm.

HEY GUESS WHAT!!!! I got a new bedspread. Up until Saturday night, I had the pink and white Princess thing I got when I was 4. Except, I'm THIRTEEN, so I couldn't use that, so I grabbed this hospital green quilt out of the linen closet and slept under that all winter. Now it's summer, so I don't really need a bedspread of comforter or quilt of any kind, but the fact remains that I still had the pink and white Princess thing I got when I was, like, FOUR!!! So I nagged and nagged and nagged Mom about it, and eventually she took me to get this:
Shut up, it's cute and I like it. :)

BTW, who's read the Maze Runner by James Dashner?


  1. I like it. It says "13."

  2. I like it too. Good colors.

    And Kenny and I have both read The Maze Runner. Good book.

  3. Mr. T read the Bartimaeus trilogy a couple years ago and really liked it. I keep meaning to pick it up.

    Cute bed set.

  4. Cool. Thanks for not hating on it. :)

    I got the Maze Runner recommendation from my uncle, who said it was excellent and he couldn't put it down, which is funny because I read the same author's 13th Reality series and it was nothing special (or even especially good). But what makes it really funny is the fact that I felt the same way about the Hunger Games books: I seriously could NOT put them down all day, but I did NOT like the same author's Underland Chronicles. Anybody read those? Good. Don't.


  5. I like the bedspread. Jordan read those books and really liked them. I'm sure you've finished by now. Tell your Mom she's great for me, k?


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