Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I should never blog when I'm feeling drained.

Or upset. Or tired. Or anything but sunshine and rainbows. It makes my posts all.... lackluster. But oh well. When I get a chance to blog I take it.

Mom started her own blog. :)http://somedaysineedtowriteitdown.blogspot.com/

I went to my first Youth Conference. All the teens from my church who live around here get together for the weekend. Play games, sing songs, eat good food, and of course, learn some awesome spiritual lessons. I liked it. I didn't love it, but I liked it.

There was dance on Saturday. It actually had a theme: Decades!! Loren and I found some poodle skirts and dressed as 50's twins with cardigans and everything- even cute little scarves mad up of a pulled apart bath sponge. They looked awesome! And Kira and one of her friends dressed in complementing 80's clothes, so they were a twins act as well. At the dance they had lots of decades music as well, so it was really a lot of fun, and probably my favorite dance so far.

Today was Festival at school. I really hope you all know what Festival is because I don't really know how to explain it. I guess it's when all the high school and middles school groups (orchestra, choir, band, etc) prepare their three best pieces and preform them in front of a panel of judges at Ham Hall at UNLV. Believe me when I say that Festival is a BIG deal. As in, the most important thing we do all year, concerts included. Every school gets a rating, sorta of like the rating system at Solo&Ensemble (remember that? :) except that at Festival it's a lot more clear who are the good schools and who are the bad schools. It's all a big competition, really. Never mind the fact that nobody else is supposed to know how your choir did. We all know how your choir did. And we all know that LVA did better :)

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